Lakendra Freeman

Social Services

Lakendra joined the TOUCH Team in 2011 and has helped propell TOUCH forward in meeting the needs of Seniors, children, and families in the apartment complexes that TOUCH serves.


TOUCH was birthed with a dream by Kujanga (KJ) and Kimberly Jackson to bring about restoration first here in Tulsa, and then across our nation. We dare to believe that the stigma of a persons past or present does not have to stop the3 from starting a new cycle of success!

@KJ @Kimberly

The Zone


TOUCH has the opportunity to work with some of the best staff in Tulsa! We are constantly adding in new staff and team members to help make TOUCH more effective in reaching our community. This picture was taken in front a a background that the students of The Zone Afterschool Program created for family Christmas photos.

Dr. Mike Hoyt

Community Development

Michael Hoyt is joining the TOUCH Team in 2013 to help with strategic planning and community development. His expertise and experience will help establish TOUCH as a solid and sustainable partner within the City of Tulsa. he will also help to create a reproducible model that can be taken to cities around the county.